Table 2

Risk factors (and their HRs and 95% CIs) in the final multivariable model to predict risk of death by suicide after an emergency treatment for self-harm

Adjusted HR95% CIP value
General demographics
 (Age at index/10)−2*0.0150.0050.046<0.001
Substance misuse
 Current or lifetime alcohol use disorder (excluding alcohol intoxication)*0.970.801.180.785
 Current or lifetime drug use disorder (including drug intoxication)*1.361.131.640.001
Treatment in the past 3 months
 Any psychotropic medication2.141.682.74<0.001
History of self-harm
 Overdose of any psychotropic medication as part of index self-harm episode1.521.022.260.039
 Hanging, strangulation or suffocation as part of index self-harm episode2.641.424.900.002
 Lifetime history of self-harm prior to index*1.160.941.430.172
 History of self-harm in the past 12 months prior to index*1.361.071.730.013
 Overnight admission1.761.472.11<0.001
Mental health in the past 12 months
 Any psychiatric disorder except substance use disorders1.661.372.01<0.001
  • *Core factor.