Table 3

Pairwise comparisons in the UKB test set and WHII validation sample to survive FDR corrections

Risk score 1AUC for risk score 1Risk score 2AUC for risk score 2PPcorr
 UKBDRS0.80Age only0.779.54×10-6 9.54×10-6
 UKBDRS0.80ANU-ADRI0.572.62×10-62 1.05×10-61
 UKBDRS0.80CAIDE0.602.23×10-42 4.45×10-42
 UKBDRS0.80DRS0.775.64×10-7 7.53×10-7
 UKBDRS0.77Age only0.743.20×10-3 5.97×10-3
 UKBDRS0.77ANU-ADRI0.528.16×10-11 3.27×10-10
 UKBDRS0.77CAIDE0.694.48×10-3 5.97×10-3
 UKBDRS0.77DRS0.741.07×10-2 1.07×10-2
  • .The AUC of the UKBDRS was compared with each external risk score and an age-only model. If a comparison is not shown, there was no statistical difference in performance.

  • ANU-ADRI, Australian National University Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Index; AUC, area under the curve; CAIDE, Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia; DRS, Dementia Risk Score; FDR, false discovery rate; UKB, UK Biobank; UKBDRS, UK Biobank Dementia Risk Score; WHII, Whitehall II.