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Special Issue – The Future of Psychotherapies

Posted on 03/03/2020 by Jennifer Thomas EBMH-SI Image

Aims and Scope

We are delighted to announce that Evidence-Based Mental Health will be publishing a special issue on The Future of Psychotherapies. It will be guest edited by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Schramm (Freiburg, Germany) and Dr. Ron Rapee (Sydney, Australia). There is much ongoing debate about the future of psychotherapies. The field is moving away from psychotherapy schools or disorder-specific vs transdiagnostic approaches and towards individualised, modular approaches. This issue aims to bring together the latest research and thinking. Original articles, including quantitative or qualitative studies, and clinical or systematic reviews, are welcome. The deadline for submissions to the special issue has now passed. We welcome further submissions on this topic for consideration in future issues. Special issue publication date: February 2021
Potential topics include, but are by no means limited to:
  • Novel approaches in psychotherapies
  • New perspectives in research in psychotherapies
  • Individualisation of psychotherapies
  • Addressing complex presentations
  • Implementation of psychotherapies: Bridging the gap between research and practice
  • Quality of evidence base of psychotherapies

Further information

The Editors would be happy to discuss ideas for articles in advance of submission.  Manuscripts of interest will be peer reviewed and up to six contributions will be published. For more information please see the guidelines on clinical reviews and original research. For any additional information, please use the following hyperlinks: Elisabeth Schramm & Ron Rapee – Guest Editors Toshi A. Furukawa – Deputy Editor in charge or submit directly to EBMH More information about Evidence-Based Mental Health is available on the Journal’s homepage
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