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Chronopsychiatry: From Discovery Science to Clinical Innovation

Edited by Daniel Smith, Elise McGlashan, John Gottlieb In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest exploring the intersection sleep/circadian science and mental health. BMJ Mental Health is calling for submissions on circadian mental health research and innovation with particular focus on major depression, psychosis, bipolar disorder, dementia, neurodevelopmental disorders (ASD and ADHD) and substance misuse disorders. Please find the full details here Submissions: Open until 9th June 2024

Advances in Clinical Psychopharmacology in Children and Young People

Edited by Samuele Cortese, Carmen Moreno  Clinical psychopharmacology is a developing field with relevant unmet needs and opportunities, such as understanding the best use of currently available medications, gaining insight into their specific effects in the developmental stage of life, and the testing of new medications. This Topic Collection of BMJ Mental Health will publish high quality empirical original studies or evidence synthesis papers on any relevant aspect of clinical psychopharmacology in children and/or young people. Please find the full details here Submissions: Open until 30th April 2024